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Daniel-Price Quarter Horses, a member of AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association), is located in the Heart of East Texas on forty acres of land in Lufkin. Our place isn't the biggest in Texas, but it's the best place for a horse to call home.

We believe horses are here for us to love, enjoy and cherish. (Money is how we buy the peanut butter for our supper and the oats for our horses, but by no means is it our top priority!)

This is our priority list:
   Our Lord and Savior
   Our Family and Friends (Molly, Bo, and Rusty go in this category)
   Our Horses

Our colts (babies) and horses are for sale, but if you don't intend to love them like we do, they are not for you! Some of our stock is not for sale, but they would get jealous if we didn't post their pictures too, so be sure and look under Snapshots.

So sit back, pour a cup of coffee or pop open a coke and see what we have to offer at Daniel-Price Quarter Horses!

mailboxA Little Something from Linda: Hi! I'm Linda Daniel the two-legged mother of the entire gang here at Daniel-Price Quarter Horses. Don't forget to e-mail us, we'd love to hear from you and talk about our babies and your babies, or our babies becoming your babies...

Have a blessed day!

Linda & Howard


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